Cosina Teases Their First RF Mount Lens

Cosina, the Japanese manufacturer of photographic equipment, has recently announced their plans to release their first RF mount lens. This new lens is designed to be compatible with Canon’s mirrorless cameras and will provide photographers with a high-quality, versatile lens for a variety of shooting situations.

What is RF Mount?

RF mount is a mounting system developed by Canon for their mirrorless cameras. It features a larger diameter and a shorter flange focal distance compared to the previous EF mount, allowing for better optical performance and faster autofocus speeds. With the release of the RF mount, Canon has been working with third-party manufacturers to expand the range of lenses available to their users.

Cosina’s New Lens

Cosina’s new lens for the RF mount will be the first in their Voigtländer line of lenses to be designed for mirrorless cameras. The company has not yet released any technical specifications or pricing information, but the lens is expected to be a high-quality, versatile option for photographers using Canon’s RF mount cameras.

Comparison of Cosina’s New RF Mount Lens with Canon’s RF Lenses

SpecificationCosina RF Mount LensCanon RF 50mm f/1.2L USMCanon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM
Focal LengthTBD50mm24-70mm
Maximum ApertureTBDf/1.2f/2.8
Image StabilizationTBDNoneYes
AutofocusTBDRing-type USMDual Nano USM
Minimum Focus DistanceTBD0.4m0.21m

Cosina’s Voigtländer Line of Lenses

Cosina’s Voigtländer line of lenses is known for its high-quality optics and classic styling. The line includes lenses for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, with a focus on manual focus lenses. The new RF mount lens will be the first in the Voigtländer line to feature autofocus capabilities, making it a versatile addition to the lineup.

Cosina’s Partnership with Canon

Cosina has a long-standing partnership with Canon, having produced lenses for the EF mount in the past. With the release of the RF mount, the company has shifted its focus to developing lenses for Canon’s mirrorless cameras. This new lens is just the beginning of what could be a fruitful partnership between Cosina and Canon in the mirrorless market.

Release Date and Availability

Cosina has not yet announced a release date or availability for their new RF mount lens. However, with the announcement of the lens, it’s likely that the release will be coming in the near future. Keep an eye out for more information from Cosina and retailers carrying the Voigtländer line of lenses.


In conclusion, Cosina’s new RF mount lens is an exciting addition to the range of lenses available for Canon’s mirrorless cameras. While technical specifications and pricing information are still unknown, photographers can expect a high-quality, versatile lens that will expand their creative options when shooting with RF mount cameras.

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