Video Content Acquiring 82% Of All Internet Traffic By 2022

How publishers may increase the amount of content they create.More than 82% of all internet traffic will be online videos by 2022, according to a new Cisco prediction. Publishers, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for video content.


Wibbitz, a startup provides a variety of digital tools. It enables content creators to ease the video creation process, maybe the answer you’re looking for.

What is Wibbitz, exactly? Describe your company and the issues you’re attempting to address.

Automated video creation business empowers teams to make excellent short-form videos. So in 2011, they decided to start a startup in the video potential and its ability to connect people.

To develop video content, publishers have resources, user power to restrict user’s ability. So, design a tool that anybody could use to produce high-quality video. The tool will have prior knowledge in video production.

Nearly 500 of the world’s leading businesses now utilize Wibbitz to create hundreds of films each month.

Wavi Provide Video Content Producers With Tangible Advantages

Wibbitz Factory is an online movie creating a tool to use their degree of expertise. Customizable video layouts, creation tools, professionals, and photographs are available to users. Any individual that wants to produce films on-brand, and within minutes should utilize this application.

Allows for the complete automation of video editing via an API product called Wavi. It provides an ideal option to transform a massive database of structured content into hundreds of videos in a few seconds.

Partnership With Italy, And How Are They Going To Be Using Your Tools?

Cond√© Nast Italy’s editorial staff was aiming to broaden their readership and advertiser base. Videos perform better than any content channel. They would have to increase their efforts to keep up with the growing demand.

Using Wibbitz Studio and Wavi, Italy’s video production was streamlined and cost-effective. Currently, Wibbitz Studio produce video content for seven of the company’s Italian brands. Use Wavi to create videos and user reviews for their numerous newsletters and websites.

Predictions For The Future Of Video Content Production? 

What more advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are possible?

Consumer viewing habits have been permanently altered by on-demand video services. IoT applications are gradually moving from audio to visual interaction. It’s safe to suggest that the market has progressed to be a YouTube clip in all aspects. Google and social networks prioritize video content. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) increase their video production. When it connects with their audience, the media business is reacting to this growing need.

With people, rather than humans, the actual power of AI is realized. The combination of artificial intelligence with human creativity will raise the speed and effectiveness. Our goal to ensure the online experience inspires creative ideas. This development process is ultimately human-driven, rather than automated.

In What Ways Has Covid Benefited Your Company? 

Has it opened up new possibilities and posed new difficulties?

In the Covid incident, we know the importance of our product in this novel environment. This allowed us to expand our partnerships with several customers. Many publishers build more videos to keep up with the growth of content during quarantine. Second, we noticed that business owners were cutting budgets and shifting content production. It allowed us to expand our partnerships with several customers.

So decrease the obstacle for media, by creating affordable visual development. As a result, we’ve agreed to include a free trial and cut the costs of our existing products.

Anyone interested in learning more about our technology may do so much more quickly and easily. Those with prior video production are making use of the platform. It discovers the effort they can save by creating short, snappy videos. Be confident and thrilled about Wibbitz’s ability to help publishers prosper during this period. Adapt for the future, despite the current uncertainties.